Distinguish LED/HID Quality

Many LED/HID brands are on the market. Some products are 4 x the price of other similar size/strength/capacity lights. Here are the main quality differences to look out for:

1) IP rating – Any IP rating under IP68 for outdoor usage is deemed mid (or even low quality for any under IP 67) as the specific light is not totally submersible under water which could cause water to penetrate the light.

2) Light color – 6000k is deemed to be the color temperature of natural light. Mild tweaks up or down from this is ok, but too much or too little and the light looks unnatural

3) Housing – If there is not enough ventilation for the light it will overheat and cause the light to under perform, especially with LED.

4) Connector – Deutsch connectors are the quality name in LED/HID lighting, but other connectors can get the job done

5) Type of LED (CREE or Epistar) – CREE is far better quality in terms of efficiency, light distribution, durability, power output, power usage, color temperature, etc. Epistar is the lower quality alternative.

6) Size of LED – Generally, the larger the LED i.e. 3watt/5watt/10watt the better the LED light.